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Request Title IX Training/Program

The Title IX & Compliance Office offers a wide range of programs by request, facilitated by trained peer health educators or professional staff. Programs are designed for small groups (maximum of 40 participants), which allows interaction and more in-depth discussions around the definition of consent, components of healthy relationships, bystander empowerment, supporting survivors, and various types of violence. Programs are typically requested by student organizations, departments and course instructors.

Programs should be requested a minimum of two weeks prior to the requested date. Student Health Promotion staff will attempt to accommodate requests. Requested programs typically last one hour. All materials needed to facilitate the program will be provided, but there may be a need for the requester to provide audiovisual equipment (laptop, projector and screen). 

Program Request Form

The Title IX & Compliance Office offers the following programs by request:

Assertive Communication
Come learn about the tools for assertive, non-violent communication to help diffuse uncomfortable and even inappropriate situations. Participants will learn the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive communications styles.

Community Care 101 (Bystander Intervention)
Everyone has an important role to play in the intervention and prevention of sexual and relationship violence. This program will use common scenarios to practice intervention strategies and share their observations with others. This program focuses on skills such as understanding appropriate levels of intervention, being mindful of personal safety, and different options bystanders have to prevent harassment and violence.

Netflix & Consent
What is consent? What does it look like? This program will help target the common areas of confusion around consent and encourage the incorporation of contraceptives into the consent conversation. 

Relationship Goals
Have you ever heard someone say “Michelle and Barack Obama are relationship goals!”? In this program, we will dive into what it means for a couple to be considered relationship goals or relationship nos.

What Is Title IX?
In this workshop, you will learn about how Title IX and other laws impact the campus communities. We will also discuss the services available through on campus and community agencies.

"Why you tripping?" "Chill, it ain’t that serious." Have you ever called out harassment and been told to chill? In this workshop, we will parse through the nuances and hopefully unlearn some of the toxic behavior around harassment and assault that has become normalized in our society.

Sex After Trauma
What does sex look like after violence has occurred? In this workshop, participants will be able to address the complicated (re)entry into healthy sexuality after experiencing sexual or gender based violence. The workshop will go over myths and misconceptions of how bodies can respond during sexual violence, the diversity in the healing journey and post assault responses, and how to come up with an individualized plan for exploring healthy sexuality in one’s own time.

Supporting Survivors
Have you been wondering how to support your friend, fellow classmate, student, advisee, etc. after they disclose an incident of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and/or gender discrimination? In this training, we will discuss common trauma responses and provide participants with communication tools for working with those impacted by these experiences. There are two versions of this program, one for students and one for faculty & staff. If you are a faculty or staff member, please reach out about the Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Reponses version of this program.

SpelSafe (LGBTQIA Inclusivity)
This training is an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice, assumptions, opportunities to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege. This program is approximately 2-3 hours in length.

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