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Spelman Spring

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Rosalind Miller Logs Thousands of Air Miles to Obtain Spelman Education

June 2018

Spelman Alumna Rosalind MillerCommencement weekend for Rosalind Miller, C’2018, was a time to celebrate and share with others the completion of what she described as a daunting task. “When I enrolled at Spelman College as a Pauline E. Drake Scholar, I was a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, relocating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.” By the end of her first semester, she had returned to Philadelphia. She landed a job with American Airlines and for the next nine years she commuted from Philadelphia to Atlanta.

“I ordered my classes according to my work schedule, marking the beginning of what would become my journey/mission.” Majoring in comparative women’s studies, Miller said she could have taken an easier path, “But I knew learning in an environment that nurtures all women would be more fulfilling.”

Following graduation, Miller intends to intern at the Women’s Law Project which, according to its website, was founded by a group of feminist attorneys devoted to equality and justice. Emboldened by the resurgent feminist movement of the 1970s, they soon won national recognition for their trailblazing Equal Rights Amendment Project, combining extensive litigation under state ERAs with public education.