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Spelpreneur Pitch Teams


Coca-Cola Intergenerational Leadership Mentoring Program

Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Spelman

Spelpreneur Pitch Night Winners

Grand prizewinnerInHous team with judges InHous, a fundraising application focused on increasing alumni giving by providing potential donors to colleges and universities a convenient way to round up their purchases and donate the spare change. Team members: economics majors Venus Montgomery, C’2020 and Alyssa Daniel, C’2019; education studies major Jade Lockard, C’2020; and political science major Simone Howard, C’2019.

InHous co-founder Venus Montgomery, C’2020: “I think at a point in the process we realized how big this project was, and we realized, wow, we really have something here. For us just to stop now does not make sense because our impact and the amount of change we can make in thecollege environment and really throughout the country is really meaningful. … Because of the Spelpreneur program and training the Spelpreneur program provided, we were able to come up with this idea and, in turn, make it a reality. All of this check is going toward developing InHous and making InHous a real company.”

First runner-upWheretu team

Wheretu, an app to help Black college women to find affordable beauty salon services. Team members: sociology and comparative women’s studies major Hollis Baker, C’2021; health science major Mia Jones, C’2019; history major Ivy Watkins, C’2019; psychology major Honesti Cowan, C’2019; and U.S. history major Leah Proctor-Ford, C’2018.

Wheretu co-founder Leah Proctor-Ford, C’2018: “I got involved with Spelpreneur because I was looking for an opportunity to expand my business knowledge and to also have real-world experience into the startup world,” she said. “My expectation was that this program would be a little more fun. But this is a very serious program where I learned a lot and I had to throw my entire self into it. I’m excited, too, because there’s nothing like seeing all your hard work pay off.”

Second runner-upLights 4 Bites team

Lights 4 Bites, a social enterprise that uses a color-coded lighting system to help homeless people to find shelters and other organizations with available food. Team members: environmental science major Saidah Coleman, C’2020; mathematics and dual-degree engineering major Micah McDaniel, C’2020, and physics major Taylor Miller, C’2020.

Lights 4 Bites co-founder Saidah Coleman, C’2020: “The reason I wanted to do the startup competition is because I really wanted to do something that impacted the community. I feel like everybody won. Everybody learned something and gained something from this experience. It started with brainstorming and coming up with an idea that’s feasible and that can be put into a product. I also learned that it’s OK to make mistakes and not be perfect in the process of coming up with a feasible product. I think that’s an important part of the process.”

Reflections from Two of Spelpreneur’s 35 Alumnae Mentors

Spelman Trustee Cynthia Jackson, C’81, founder and CEO of WorkforceCynthia Jackson, C’81 and Jessie BrooksLoyalty in Atlanta: “Thestudents were totally engaged and energized. They worked hard and askedgreat questions. This is a great investment in preparing our students. It’s critical that they have entrepreneurial skills. Even when working at corporations these days, corporationswantemployees with the mindset of treating your job as if it were your business.” 

Atlanta communications consultant Kelley Jackson, C’85: “The 10-Day Startup Competition is a really intense process. It was a challenge of solving problems and that’s what Spelman women do. We solve problems. We make a choice to change the world, and all these of products do that. As the program continues to grow, I would like to see more Spelpreneur participants leaving Spelman with full-fledged businesses.”