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Housing and Residential Life Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer off-campus housing?
Although the Office of Housing and Residence Life doesn't offer off-campus housing, the Department of International & Commuter Student Services assists students with finding off-campus housing.

Learn more about off-campus housing, or contact the Department of International & Commuter Student Services at 404-270-5143.

When do the residence halls open?
Residence halls open on the second Saturday for new students, and on the third Saturday for upper class students. More information about times will be mailed in official room assignment correspondence.

How are rooms furnished?
Each room is furnished with a standard twin size bed, closet, dresser, desk and chair for each student. A phone jack, Ethernet port and cable port are also available for each student.

May I cook in my room?
For safety reasons, we do not allow cooking in the residence hall rooms. Students are encouraged to use the kitchens located in the common areas for cooking all foods.

Is there cable in the dorms?
Cable is included in the price of your housing fee. There is a cable connection for each student in the room. Students are encouraged to bring a coaxial cable to connect their television to the jack. Comcast provides the expanded basic cable plan. Residents in Ashley Terrace must obtain their own cable service.

Do first-year and second-year students have the option of living off-campus if so desired?
All first-year and second-year students are required to stay on campus however there is an option for Housing Exemption. For more information, contact the Office of Student Affairs at 404-270-5133.

Is there summer housing?
Spelman College does not offer summer housing.

Is there a telephone in my room?
The College provides phone service for each student in the room. With this service, the student receives a college-issued phone number, answering service, and on-campus caller identification. The students must supply their own telephone instrument and calling card for long distance service.

Is smoking allowed in the residence facilities?
All residence halls are non-smoking.

Is there storage available in the buildings?
Each residence hall has storage closets and/or rooms for suitcases and other luggage materials. Students are allowed to store items in the storage rooms at their own risk. Some storage rooms have compartments where students can put pad locks on the doors for securing their items. The College does not assume any responsibility for items stored in the storage rooms.

Students are encouraged to break down all boxes if they are to be stored in the storage areas. Residents may submit a request to change rooms to their live-in professional staff member, after the second full week of classes each semester. These requests are handled on a first come first served basis. Before any room changes will be made, the live-in professional staff member assesses the student's needs. Room Switches are generally granted for the following reasons:

  • Unresolved roommate issues (mediation was attempted but failed)
  • Threat of violence or bodily injury
  • Psychological distress by a roommate
  • Survivor of sexual assault or violence

The professional staff must give her approval in writing prior to any student moving her belongings from one room to another. Residents who complete an unauthorized housing change or fail to complete an approved housing change may lose their preferred room assignment, be required to relocate, and /or be subject to disciplinary action.

What do I do if I need special accommodations?
Students requesting housing accommodations should contact and register with the Student Access Center at 404-270-5293 prior to submitting their housing application. 

What housekeeping services are offered in the halls?
The custodial staff is responsible for cleaning the common areas and the bathrooms of the residence halls. The student is responsible for cleaning her room or apartment on a regular basis.

What is the policy on decorating. May I make changes to my room?
Students are allowed to hang posters, put up curtains and decorate their room with temporary decorations. Decorations or changes to the room that require putting holes in the walls or creating any permanent fixtures are not allowed. Any permanent changes will be assessed a damage charge.

Are pets allowed in the residence hall?
Pets are not allowed in or near the residence hall.

Can first-year students have a car on campus?
Due to the limited number of spaces available, first-year students are not allowed to bring cars to the campus. 

May I stay in my room during academic breaks?
Students may remain in the residence hall during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break only. The residence hall will close at the end of each semester at designated dates and times. Students should see the important dates section of the housing Web site for these dates.

How can I change information on a previously submitted housing application?
Any changes to a previously submitted housing application should be submitted via e-mail to housing at