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Spelman College Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Our Mission

The purpose of the Office of Annual Giving at Spelman College is to effectively raise funds from all constituency groups, encouraging annual contributions that support and advance the mission of Spelman College. Gifts to the Annual Fund (Unrestricted Fund), support the College’s strong legacy and is the foundation for transformative change.

Every Woman...Every Year History

In 2006, Spelman College launched the Every Woman… Every Year! campaign to increase Alumnae participation and the support of EVERY alumna EVERY year. Over the last 10 years, our alumnae participation rate has doubled, helping Spelman remain the No. 1 HBCU since the campaign launch. This year our goal is 35% alumnae participation and we cannot reach this goal without YOU.


Homecoming 2019 Dorm Wars Competition

LLC1 Residents with Fenty BeautyCongratulations to Living Learning Center I alumnae for winning the Homecoming 2019 Dorm Wars Competition. 

In honor of LLC1’s victory, the Office of Annual Giving hosted a game night for the current residents who had a blast dancing to music and playing classics like Uno, Connect 4, and various card games.

Awed by the $28,383 LLC1 alumnae donated to the College, the students were grateful for their generosity and commitment to Spelman!

Students also received a special surprise from the cosmetics company Fenty Beauty, who noticed the LLC1 residents’ love for Rihanna --  their dorm theme features the iconic star and highlights her many business ventures. The company sent stylish Fenty Beauty fanny packs as a gift to LLC1 residents to show them their appreciation. The students absolutely loved them and were beyond excited to be recognized by Rihanna’s brand.

We are grateful to the alumnae in every dorm for participating in our Homecoming 2019 Dorm Wars Campaign and making it a success. Thanks to all of you, we raised over $167,000 dollars from more than 1200 donors. We are truly overwhelmed by the love and support we receive from our alumnae, and are forever grateful for your True Blue spirit.

LLC1 Dorm Residents