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Mentor Directory

The mentors listed here are Spelman faculty unless indicated.

Dr. Mentewab Ayalew, Biology
Dr. Nayena Blankson, Psychology
Dr. Dolores Bradley Brennan, Psychology
Dr. Karen Brakke, Psychology
Dr. Jean-Marie Dimandja, Chemistry
Dr. Beatrice Gee (MSM), Pediatrics
Dr. Rosalind Gregory-Bass, Biology
Dr. Jacqueline Hibbert (MSM), Microbiology
Dr. Kim Huhman (GSU), Neuroscience
Dr. Kimberly Jackson, Chemistry
Dr. Ward Kirlin (MSM), Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr. Mark Lee, Biology

Dr. Mark Maloney, Biology
Dr. Kai McCormack, Psychology
Dr. Gretchen Neigh (Emory) , Psychology
Dr. Gale Newman (MSM) , Microbiology, Biochemistry and Immunology
Dr. Aditi Pai, Biology
Dr. Shani Peterson, Psychology
Dr. Hong Qin (Spelman College) , Biology
Dr. Laura Roberts (GSU) , Psychology
Dr. Margaret Stanfield (MSM) , Physiology
Dr. Leyte Winfield, Chemistry
Dr. Sinead Younge (MC) , Psychology