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  • Why doesn’t the Tenure and Promotion Committee allow more transparency and share all evaluations of candidates throughout the tenure and promotion application process?Expand
  • Is the scholarship of teaching and learning a valid area of scholarship for all disciplines?Expand
  • How many publications or creative productions are required for promotion and tenure? Expand
  • Are people denied tenure based on budgetary reasons?Expand
  • What if there is a period of productivity and a lapse and more productivity?Expand
  • Does the Tenure and Promotion Committee make tenure policy?Expand
  • Does the Tenure and Promotion Committee award tenure?Expand

Additional Questions

Is your question not here? If not, send an e-mail with your question to the Tenure and Promotion Committee for review and reply.

The Tenure and Promotion Committee thanks all faculty who have attended workshops and engaged in constructive conversation about the pre-tenure, tenure, and promotion processes. We note in particular the perceived lack of transparency regarding the Tenure and Promotion Committee’s recommendations as part of the overall review of tenure and promotion decisions.

The Tenure and Promotion Committee is bound by the current policies and procedures in the Spelman College Faculty Handbook and represents just one of several points of review during these processes. The Tenure and Promotion Committee encourages the full faculty to have a conversation on matters of concern, should the faculty wish to modify our current policies and procedures.

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