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Spelman Going Global QEP

Spelman QEP Executive Summary:
Developing Intercultural Competence

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Spelman global travel learning experiences have increased over the years under the direction of the Study Abroad Office and individual departments and programs. However, in order to provide study-travel experiences intentionally connected to our curriculum and encourage increased student travel over our baseline of 2007-2008 numbers, the QEP develops shared learning outcomes for global travel learning experiences; assesses study-travel experiences; and enhances the infrastructure providing and overseeing these experiences. 

Specific goals of the Spelman QEP are to:

1. Introduce the following required curricular components to global travel programs:

  • Cultural orientation seminar pre-departure
  • Reflective essays upon return (required as part of credit for study-travel)
  • Participation in re-integrative discussion groups on global experience (required as part of credit for study-travel experience)

2. Identify and assess shared student learning outcomes across global travel experiences to develop intercultural competencies:

  • Outcome 1: Identify differences and commonalities of two world societies based on political, economic, social and /or cultural values during each study-travel experience.
  • Outcome 2: Develop a personal definition of cultural engagement that reflects openness to cultural difference.

With outcome-based study-travel experiences connected to the curriculum and a strengthened, cohesive infrastructure providing global education, the Spelman student will have the opportunity to develop the reflective and evaluative processes necessary to act on the inspiration intended in the College mission “to engage the many cultures of the world ….” From their personal experience of global education, students gain cultural competencies that enable them to recognize, understand, and value similarities and differences among people globally, thereby increasing their capacity to function effectively in international exchanges.

For additional information, contact:

Dr. ‘Dimeji Togunde
Vice Provost for Global Education & Professor of International Studies
Gordon-Zeto Center for Global Education
404-270-5680 |
350 Spelman Lane, SW, Box 343, Atlanta, GA 30314