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Spelman College Intramural Sports

Welcome to Spelman College Intramural Sports and Fitness

Spelman Wellness Intramurals


The mission of Spelman Intramural Sports is to provide students, faculty and staff with a variety of organized recreational activities that enhance teamwork,sportsmanship and leadership. All activities are designed to help the participant grow socially, physically and mentally.

Over 20 activities are schedules every academic year for both individuals and teams to participate. A person can participate in just one event or all events depending on schedules and interests. A complete list of intramural Sports activities offered can be found below.


Our intramural program is the newest addition to the Wellness Center at Spelman College. Intramural sports offer opportunities for students to engage in a variety of recreational sports in a fun and safe environment that motivates personal development, increases physical and mental health, and encourages healthy social interaction.

In addition to the obvious benefit of physical fitness, it is hoped that participants will also develop leadership qualities such as cooperation, trust and a higher regard for others.  A high level of skill is not required to participate in any activity offered through the Wellness Center. Therefore, all eligible students, staff and faculty members are encouraged to take part in as many activities as time and interest permit.

To view and register for current and upcoming intramural sports at the Wellness Center at Spelman College, please visit IMLeagues.                 

Spelman Intramurals

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