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Spelman College

President's Letters to the Community

Campus Incident

November 19, 2018

Dear Spelman Community,

Last Tuesday, a faculty member reported that a flier with the words "Black Trans Lives Matter" was defaced in one of our academic buildings. Let me be clear: Black trans lives matter at Spelman College.

If anyone has information about the person responsible for defacing the flier, please contact Dean of Students Fran’Cee Brown McClure or Title IX and Compliance Director Nicole Johnson as soon as possible. You may also share any information you have by filling out our online incident reporting form.

Spelman has zero tolerance for all forms of expression of hate. At the start of the term, I reminded our community that every student and employee upon entering Spelman, enters a place that is committed to acting with civility, tolerance and respect for all members of the Spelman community.


Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D.



Protective Measures and Accommodations

When incidents are reported, the College may put in place measures to provide support and protection to complainants and respondents. Parties may request reasonable accommodations and protective measures, such as academic assistance, housing or work space relocation, work or class schedule adjustments, no-contact directives, and counseling.

To protect the safety and security of parties and/or community, the College may take interim actions, including temporary housing relocation, removal from a class, interim suspension, or administrative leave. Students should contact the Dean of Students or the Assistant Director, Prevention and Response to make such requests. Staff or faculty should contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs or Director of Human Resources to make such requests.